We believe that fashion is something everyone deserves to be a part of, even if you're ballin' on a budget. Whether you are looking for something new or gently used, our treasure-chest-of-a-store is always full of designer and everyday wear as well as handbags and jewelry. Our laid back environment welcomes teens and adults of all genders who have a love for current and classic styles. Our employees make it a point to welcome you into our store and provide extraordinary customer service. We have a passion for supporting local, hard working businesses and we are proud to be a part of the small business community. We frequently give clothing donations to SAMMinistries, Alpha Home, and Performing Arts San Antonio. 


Our goal at Garment Exchange is pretty simple; make a difference in our community. Being a member of the small business community has taught us the importance of customer service and has also motivated us as individuals and as a business to help others in need. Local businesses are vital for keeping jobs and dollars in the local economy. We are also huge supporters of women entrepreneurs because we believe women are the future of our world. We hope to help, inspire, and guide fellow women and encourage them to take the plunge and open their own small business. 


Marilyn Caskey opened The Garment Exchange in 2008 with a vision and dedication. She was a stay at home mom for years until her divorce got her back into the workforce.  Before her kids were born, she worked at Nordstrom for ten years and always had a love for resale shopping. After months of brainstorming, trying to figure out her true passion and which path she wanted her life to take, a consignment store seemed to be the perfect fit. Her passion for customer service never fails to bring customers back into the doors and put her business on the map of San Antonio. Marilyn, being a single-mom-entrepreneur, strives to help, inspire and guide women to be small business owners. Anyone that has had the pleasure of meeting Marilyn knows there are not enough words in the world to describe how hard working, caring, and loving she is. 


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